The Top Reasons to Build Your Website in WordPress

WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS, powering over 20% of all sites. It’s used by organizations large and small, including such diverse entities as the Rolling Stones, MSNBC, and the government of Sweden.

In its early days, WordPress was focused on blogging, but new iterations have added more features and an expansive plugins library. The software is now a full-scale CMS and is frequently used to design powerful websites. WordPress is easy to use, it has a huge community around it, and there plugins available for almost every scenario.

For quick reference, WordPress’s standout features include:

  • Easy to use – The installation process takes less than 5 minutes, and technical expertise isn’t necessary to use all of the features. For example, anyone familiar with Microsoft Word will find using the WordPress editor a snap.
  • Add-ons – WordPress supplies thousands of plugins, themes, and widgets throughout their site and many are free. This makes WordPress sites incredibly customizable and extensible. This versatility makes their script a good fit for small to medium-sized sites all the way up to more complex builds requiring skilled developers
  • SEO Integration – WordPress CMS is particularly good at promoting SEO best practices. Users can take any plugin to optimize their content and analyze for keyword focus, etc.
  • Great support – There’s a huge community of support for WordPress users for tutorials, knowledge development, and troubleshooting.
  • Customizable – WordPress script lets you change the look of your site with thousands of graphics templates. Themes, many include optimized versions of the main site to ensure your content is consistent on all devices. Add plugins to your sites functionalities.

No CMS is perfect, there’s always room for improvement. There are a few points we’d like to see WordPress work on in future versions:

  • Many modifications require knowledge of PHP and CSS – there are tons of free templates, but many of them look very alike. If you want to give your free theme a unique look, you’ll need to have CSS and HTML knowledge to modify them.
  • Plugins cause bloat – To compete with the wider range of functionality offered by other CMS (Joomla!! and Drupal specifically), WordPress users need to install Plugins, which can affect the efficiency of a website. The number of clone plugins offering the same functionality also makes it time-consuming to choose the right one. The problem with some plugins is that they can bloat your website’s size and memory use.
  • Security – WordPress script isn’t as well protected as other CMS; the problem lies in updates and plugins. WordPress has many plugins which can be easily hacked if they have vulnerabilities; if you haven’t updated to the latest version, hackers also go for the most popular plugins. The paradox solution is to simply install third-party security

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